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Scale model & Plans

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Muntpunt, collection in the spotlight


Muntpunt is a public library in the heart of Brussels, where, by winning a competition, I got the chance to design and realize the ‘collection in the spotlight'.


The difficult thing about the ground floor of the Muntpunt library is that it is one large open space that has to accommodate many different functions. It was difficult for a visitor to keep an overview. At the same time, this great openness was a quality I wanted to preserve. For the design I made the choice to work very slender and in white, thus guiding the visitor through the space without being too compelling. It's easy to look through the design, but by placing different accents the visitor's gaze is steered, for example towards the collection in the spotlight. These accents are therefore the only ones in colour.


The whole can be seen as a "white line" that once again subtly connects the large space, creating a coherence that the space had lost due to the many functions that flowed into each other.

This project won first prize for best design and was carried out. It was presented at Brussels Design September. 


Read the article at p19

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