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Ll_Leeslobby_30x100cm_Final kopiëren.jpg

Reading corner Muntpunt


How do you prefer to read? Reading a newspaper, journal or book is something many loyal readers of the Muntpunt Library enjoy. To give them the best possible reading environment, I designed a temporary flexible reading installation for them.


The visitors themselves get the opportunity to shape their reading spot. Different reading positions are possible, at the table, on a pouf, on the carpet, lying down, sitting, at the window side, alone, in pairs, or groups? The visitors choose.


On the floor, a points grid is laid out. The user of the seating area can break this grid by moving 1 of the 4 table types. Each table is provided with magnetic ribbons, allowing the user to attach or detach the tables from each other.


Illustrations: © Gudrun Makelberge

Design process sketches, collages and plans:

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