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Scale model, plans & visuals



Tadema's Dream is an exhibition of a famous and misunderstood painter. The exhibition takes you through his fascinating life and dreams.

From all angles, the exhibition has the shape of a cloud. The cloud is a symbol of Tadema's self-conceived dream world, which can be seen in his mythological paintings. 

The curves of the cloud constitute the rooms. Each room is not completely closed and gives you a sneak peek of what is going on inside the room. This creates curiosity and attracts passers-by to enter and experience the whole thing.

Each room contains a series of paintings with the same look and feel. To enhance the experience of Tadema’s hyper realistic paintings, the rooms all have the same plan and furniture as the paintings you are looking at. It is as if you are drawn into the painting.

To go from one room to another, you have to go through one of the frames to continue dreaming.

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