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How do I get more people to museums?

This was my original query, which I gradually started questioning during my thesis research. This is also the reason why I reversed it during the process.


How do I bring museums to the people?

The city, with its rich history, serves as a scenography. The design, in the form of a temporary installation, as museum routing. And the people but also the buildings in the immediate surroundings as art objects.


The project works its way through the Mont des Arts in the heart of Brussels. Even though this is a lovely location, it is nowadays mainly a transition zone between tourist attractions. This is why a large variety of visitors can be found here today. Locals looking for a place to stay mingle with passing tourists. All races, ages and origins can be recognized. It creates an enormously fascinating whole. When the sun appears, all nooks and sides fill up with skateboarders, duos playing chess, street musicians and dance groups. So the place clearly has its qualities and dynamics, but it also has its flaws. Due to the transitional character of the place, not all people have a strong connection with the Mont des Arts and problems such as public urinating, graffiti and waste are the other side of the coin. With my project I want to change this atmosphere of transition by making the Mont des Arts an attraction, thus giving an extra layer to this dynamic place that is, as it were, supported by my structure. 


The structure therefore gives a place to passers-by who want to chat, eat or look at the city, but also to people who want to soak up culture and thus observe the city with its accompanying scenography of history, triggered to further discover the culture of the city.

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